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Ichthus Schools' Education Program

In a safe and conducive environment for students' growth, we help your children discover and nurture their God-given talents, through strong academics anchored on Biblical foundations. Our teachers, strong in their faith, qualified and passionate, will willingly go the extra mile for our students. 



Grades 1 - 6



Grades 7 - 10 



Grades 11 - 12

Our Primary Program

Grades 1 - 6

The Ichthus Primary Program is a 6-year educational program for children aged 6-11 years old from grades 1 - 6.

The Ichthus Curriculum, adheres to international standards preparing students for the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Indonesian National Grade 6 exams.*

Classes are fun, interactive and intellectually stimulating. A safe, nurturing and homey environment characterizes our class environment. Emphasis on character building anchored on biblical foundations is weaved into the lesson plan and objectives in each lesson and activity. Childlike curiosity is a good thing - children are encouraged to ask questions and guided to discover the answer. While learning is guided by study texts, homework and assignments,  a good balance is given to application of the learning with project learning requiring individual research, teamwork and presentation skills. There are many opportunities for students to present and showcase their project research thus allowing our children to develop confidence and improve their public speaking skills. 

Learning extends beyond classrooms and textbooks with children going for field trips and  participating in school wide events several times each term with talent performances, presentation, quizzes and games.  

*Subject to latest developments from the Ministry of Education and Culture

Our Teachers, Counselors  & Teaching Philosophy

Our teachers recognize that each child is unique and have different learning styles and talents. Our teachers will go the extra mile to differentiate how each child learns. This requires patience, passion and a good understanding of how each child learns. Our goal is to unlock the child’s natural desire to learn. While we strive to equip each child academically, we recognize and encourage talents which may not fall within the boundaries of academic intelligence. Working alongside teachers is our primary school counselor who will extend help to students to increase engagement level in class.

At the end of Primary School:

  • Students will cap off their learning journey by completing and presenting a capstone project. Students acquire useful research, critical thinking, teamwork and presentation skills in this project. 

  • At the end of 6 years, students are also assessed how they fare against their peers internationally in English, Mathematics and Science in the primary 6 Cambridge Checkpoint test. 

Subject choices are broad and comprehensive and divided into these categories

Arts & Sports


Bahasa Indonesia

French / Mandarin



Creative Arts

Performing Arts

  • Music (instrumental- Recorder, violin, guitar or keyboard)

  • Music (Choir / vocal)

Physical Education & Sports

Character Building 

Religion  (Christian Studies including introduction to other world views)

Primary Program

Our Secondary Program

Grades 7 - 10

The Comprehensive Ichthus Curriculum's aim for the Lower Secondary level is the holistic growth of the student. Importance is placed on the balance of academic excellence and development of spiritual growth and social and life skills.  Students are encouraged to take accountability of their learning and are coached to progressively to become independent learners. 

Lessons in classes are a combination of lectures and tutorials. Group discussions and teamwork are commonplace.

A large part of the learning and education are student led projects and events. Teachers provide coaching, advise and counsel while students make decisions and manage the projects. Students have ample opportunities to learn disciplines like project management, teamwork, organization and presentation skills.

Complementing in class-lessons are opportunities for our teenagers to get involved in mission trips and programs, to develop a sense of servitude, humility and compassion.  They will raise funds, participate in reading and development programs for the poor.  Secondary students will continue to gain exposure in various external competitions, going further with some coached to represent the country in international competitions. 

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